Thursday, September 27, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 9/23/12, NEW AREA-Shiloh

HEY, So new area is amazing I love it already the people here are very friendly they love talking about everyday things but not so much the gospel yet.. We met our ward mission leader brother Bennion. He is very cool !!!! Had stake conference this week so we haven't got to meet just our ward yet but we have about 35 members so its a lot smaller than Farmington but we are here to fix that !! MY new companions name is Elder Dazley he is my favorite one yet and I've only been with him for 5 days we love alot of the same things and teach the same way so things flow very nice:) I'm very excited to get the work rolling in this area its brand new so we gotta hit the ground running! There is a lot of retired military in this area as well so we get to hear tons of war stories and the Scott air force base is right by our area so we see tons of jets and cool aircraft. I'm feeling my 1st Baptism will be in this area:)

Love Elder Christensen

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 9/17/12 TRANSFER!

The end of my first area:

So I’m getting transferred this Wednesday, so if you’re going to send mail just send it to the mission office address 1850 Craigshire (for full address, click the write to Jeff link at the top of the blog).  I’m being transferred to Shilo, Illinois. This area has been closed for 6 months and now I’m opening it with Elder Dazley.  This area has a full court gym with a wood floor, so I’m very happy I will be getting my exercise back. :) However, I’m truly going to miss the people of Farmington!!  The ward here is amazing they reached out with us to help reactivate the less actives and now we’ve doubled the numbers of active members in Farmington!  The bishop is only 20 members away from his vision 200 I wish I could stay just one more transfer and see him hit his goal!  My ward mission leader has given me a new outlook on missionary work. Charlie Hargis is simply the best convert I’ve ever met!!  I wish ever member of the Church had the same fire about the gospel that he has then missionary work would be so much easier and we’d have a lot less less-active members.   It was very hard to say my goodbye at church this Sunday! It kind of felt a lot like saying goodbye to everyone in my home ward but I will go where they need me to go :) 

I have a mission tradition of my own. I will give one of my mission ties to any young man that is progressing to the office of a deacon.  So the newest Deacon in Farmington is Quinton. He comes from a poor part member family his dad isn’t a member and he told me” Elder Christensen you’re the best missionary Farmington has ever had I hope one day I’ll be as good of a missionary as you are!”  I had to fight back some hard tears when he told me this because I felt I hadn't done much for this area because I haven’t baptized anyone…  I’ve learned so much from this area, I can only image how much I will learn in the time of my whole mission!!  We also had President’s interviews last Tuesday and President Clark was very pleased with the work I have done in Farmington and he is putting me in other areas that have been struggling to see if I can get them up to missionary level.  He seemed very confident that I can turn this new area around and get things rolling out there!  Don’t know if that is a good thing our not but we will see how it works out…

Elder Christensen: Letter 9/10/12

Its feels like we just can’t get a break out here. Our golden contact has decided that she wants to live in Fredericktown so we can’t teach her because that’s in the sisters area… We had her come to church the past 2 weeks she loves is and explained to us how she is feeling the spirit when she is with us and when we are in sacrament meeting!  She also said that her personal prayers are so strong that she never wants them to end so she will be getting baptized in October by someone in the Fredericktown ward… 
This Saturday was Karen’s wedding it was soooo long it was very pretty though.  They had this mansion in the forest rented out it used to be a school so it’s ridiculously huge!  We had the honor of shuttling people back to their cars that were parked up at the church for the first 2 hours and last 2 hours at least I got to drive a Volvo haha!  Then we had 16-17 year old girls following us everywhere and hitting on us it was nasty I wanted to leave after the I-do’s… They were BIG country girls with terrible Cajun accents like the people from swamp people. Hahaha I needed a translator.   It was a great chance to provide hours of service and we met lots of people that had questions about the church. None of them were from Farmington so we gave them an card so they can find missionaries in their area if they want to.  Also for the wedding everyone knows that I love white dress shoes so I found spatted DR. Martins at the goodwill brand new!! 
This week we had a very great talk with our ward mission leader Charlie on how we can get the members of the ward to reach out to their friends who might be willing to listen to our message.   We have a vision 200 active members for the Farmington ward and this program will get those last 40-50 people.  While talking with Charlie I was able to help him with his Rat-Rods. I got to bolt on some 55 Chevy fenders to his low-rider trucks.  Charlie always says we have helped this area a lot already and we just need to relax and keep trying , but I’m struggling with the relaxing part.   I’m learning a lot on how to become patient in this area… 

Keeping my head up hoping for a better week this week and hope we can find another golden contact that is willing to hear us out!  Transfers this week we will see if I stay in Farminton or not..?

Love, Elder Christensen

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 9/4/12

Yesssss!!!!  We finally got some new people to teachJ  We had the sisters up for our district meeting and they were out of miles on their car so a member dropped them off in Farmington and they couldn’t get a ride back til 7 so they went tracting in our area for us.  We were helping the Eddy family move. They have so much stuff it took 4 storage units crazy!!!!  So they tracted around the church and the 1st person they find is interested and wants to take the discussions from us.  Haven’t really met face to face yet but he sounds golden right now. He goes to the open bible church and he is trying to find God not a social bible church.  We had lots of chances to give service this past week which is just what I needed because I’ve been super stressed out for the past month.  Service is the healthiest way for me to relieve my stress out here. The punching bag at the apartment is great!  But not without gloves or tape ha ha. The other New Investigator was taking the discussions for the elders in Poparbluff and they said she is really interested so I called her and really connected with her. I invited her to church for fast Sunday.  She came!!  It was awesome. The ward was super friendly and the testimonies were the best I’ve heard in this area.  Her name is Teresa and she hasn’t for sure moved into Farmington yet but she really likes the area and the people so she probably is but not 100% sure yet…   I’m praying that she will be the one to break the streak of no baptisms in Farmington J
Love ,
Elder Christensen