Thursday, September 27, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 9/23/12, NEW AREA-Shiloh

HEY, So new area is amazing I love it already the people here are very friendly they love talking about everyday things but not so much the gospel yet.. We met our ward mission leader brother Bennion. He is very cool !!!! Had stake conference this week so we haven't got to meet just our ward yet but we have about 35 members so its a lot smaller than Farmington but we are here to fix that !! MY new companions name is Elder Dazley he is my favorite one yet and I've only been with him for 5 days we love alot of the same things and teach the same way so things flow very nice:) I'm very excited to get the work rolling in this area its brand new so we gotta hit the ground running! There is a lot of retired military in this area as well so we get to hear tons of war stories and the Scott air force base is right by our area so we see tons of jets and cool aircraft. I'm feeling my 1st Baptism will be in this area:)

Love Elder Christensen

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