Monday, October 1, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 10/1/12

This new area is amazing! The member are helping us with referrals to their friends and we are hoping to get to work with them and get some baptisms out of it! We have been tracting tons in the meantime walked 13 miles Friday after our service at the food pantry. We have a meal calender going around and you're right the members love to feed us!!  Right now we are teaching one person whom I tracted into. His name is Rob and he is a young college student going into a physics major. We had planned to meet this Sunday and we ran into him Saturday and he said I'm so excited to see you guys but you're 1 hour late. We then told him it wasn't Sunday ha ha and he said oh great so we can meet then I cant wait!! But then he got called into work and we missed him but he left us a note so he really cares to meet with us which is good! 

Testimony meeting was really great with both the wards we cover!  I bore my testimony about the role the temple and prayer and my story of when I had to make my choice with football or pharmacy tech and how I prayed to know what to do in the South Jordan temple parking lot in my truck. lol they loved it so much like all the sisters were balling...  Then the branch leader said can I share your story to the other wards I cover and I said sure.  So I hope that this experience I've had will impact someone's life as it has done so in mine!! Hope our teaching pool gets bigger as we follow up with the members this week love you all !!

Love Elder Christensen

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