Monday, October 8, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 10/8/12


So my crazy story for the week....  Last P-Day we saw the arch and went to the ghetto called "paint Louis." It's 6 miles of solid graffiti and gang wars in paint. Anyways we were running late to get back and catch our metro, so we ran 3 miles of the wall and my backpack had unzipped itself from all the swaying of my books and stuff back and forth.  So my wallet and my camera fell out we hadn't noticed til we had got to the metro platform. So we grabbed the next bus to take us to the end of paint Louis, and the road didn't meet with the trail so it felt a lot like "Call of Duty" when they are running through the abandoned train yard and there is shrapnel everywhere.  We hopped over 15-foot chain fences, and one was 35-feet tall with barbwire so I lifted up the bottom part for my comp to slip under. I got some minor cuts from that, but my adrenaline was so high I didn't feel anything!  We also jumped through slow moving trains and trains that weren't moving at all.  I kinda left my comp in the dust! When we got to the trail I didn't want him to hear me pray. This was one of my most powerful prayers I've ever had!!  I was so scared but when I prayed I found great comfort in the Lord and he promised me I would have my wallet and camera back.  I ran up to this black man in his late 30's and asked him, "have you seen my camera or wallet?"  He was really scared. He thought I was going to jump him ha ha !!   I described the items he said no but if I see anything I'll wait at the other end for you. I said I would give him a reward if did find the things and sure enough he found both my items only told me he found the wallet, and he found it empty of cash, of course.... I knew this man had also found my camera but wouldn't give it to me so I said I'd give him $200 if he found the camera. He said I'll look for it tomorrow. I knew he had my camera. The next day he woke up called and said I found it where you wanna meet? I had informed the police on my situation and it was just like in the movies. Tony pulled up asked for the reward and I gave the cop hiding in the building behind us the signal. He came out and ripped this guy a new one!!! I've never heard any man yell as loud as he did!! I got everything back other than the money he stole out of the wallet, but it was well worth it to have seen him get chewed out like that for stealing and with-holding my stuff from me!!! I also have a even greater testimony of prayer now because of it:) Love you all hope to hear from you soon!!

Love Elder Christensen

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