Monday, October 29, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 10/29/12: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Ha! Ha!

Sooooo the baptisms are great. Rob said he would be baptized after his finals are done in one month, and James asked me to baptize him on November 11th, so I had to tell him i couldn't because....... the bad news is I'm getting transferred to Springfield, Illinois. So all that work and success I wont get any of it, but that's life for ya. You work, work, work, and finally get somewhere and they take it all away!!  That's probably the worst feeling I've every had in my life when an investigator have really connected with you and wants you to baptize them and you have to tell them you cant!  I hope none of my friends ever have to experience that on their missions!!

 On a more positive note I will be the senior comp in my new area though... Our ward mission leader was really mad that they're taking me out so fast. He said there is no doubt in my mind that the reason you where here wasn't just for James and Rob.... He said Brother Ellington was another huge reason of why I was sent to this area I got him and his wife on the path to go to the temple and become sealed!! They have a lot of family issues from the family business that I was able to help them with... my last lesson with them was Sunday night and the spirit was so strong my comp didn't say more than 3 words but everything just flowed and was perfect. Just what they needed to hear in their lives at that moment. I'm glad I could help them:) They were converted about 1.5 years ago and slowly had been falling away but I got them back in gear and now the wife took the reigns and is running to the temple as fast as she can:)  They both thanked me for everything I have done for them and helped them with and he told had I not came to this area he would've left the church to stay at peace with his family.  Now he is trying to keep the peace in the family and get to the temple to help strengthen his testimony rather than just using his wife's testimony!  What I thought was super crazy was when I first got to this area his wife was the weaker of the 2 all the way through their conversion.  Then when times got hard for both of them she became the stronger one!!

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