Monday, October 22, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 10/22/12 1st Baptism???

My First Baptism Date. AHHHHHHH!!!

So it's been set and we are teaching like mad now !! 11-11-12 is the date we are shooting for. His name is James he wold go to the YSA (Young single adult) branch. He was there this Sunday and we taught him between our Shiloh ward and YSA.  He was super respective and has read the BOM before and wants to be Baptized so he can have the gift of the Holy Ghost !!  This week we also met with Rob again and taught the WOW and we set a goal for him to stop drinking and he has been sober for this week and is willing to continue as we are meeting which is super cool!!  Rob came to the ward chili cook off, loved the members and the chili, and so did Michael Jackson and we had a great time. I do miss my mom's white chicken chili though everyone else just doesn't compare!  Michael Jackson talked with us about baptism and some of the concerns he had. We helped him through alot of them and haven't set a date with him yet but this week that's our goal for him:) I'm loving this new area I'm hoping I don't get transferred next Wednesday... ha ha! One of the converts/ward missionaries emailed President Clark and told him that he can't take me or Elder Dazley out of this area because were doing way better than the ZL's (zone leaders)that used to cover this area!! Hope he enjoys that letter ha ha! We also found a mission bike for me to use and I've been loving riding it. I didn't however enjoy it when i got a flat tire 6 miles out from our apartment in Lebanon.... It kinda was my fault but I couldn't resist the jump! I needed some excitement from the ride ha ha:) ohhh, also I guess the front brake was on the whole time, but I couldn't hear it rubbing and that made pedaling alittle bit harder lol.

Love you all and hope to hear from you soon!!

Love Elder Christensen

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