Monday, February 24, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 2/24/14 "Awesome Week!"

Well Family, this week was Awesome! We found a new investigator and his 10 year old son. They are super prepared. We taught the restoration and they watched the DVD that night together. We where on exchanges that day, but I got to invite him to baptism on the 1st lesson, and he said yes! :) They will be coming to church this week. So excited!! We also came by on Saturday and helped him work on his Jeep. I got to use a torch wrench and mount the head on his engine and we just got to know each other really good.

We also moved Austin to his new house just down the street from West our other investigator. They are the same ages and they're good friends and they give him rides to church so both their baptism dates are on! Heck yes! I hope I can stay here for my final full transfer. This is an awesome area!! The young men this week are doing baptism's for the dead at the St. Louis temple. I got it approved and we are going to take West and Austin and give them a tour on the grounds of the temple and have a lesson with them as well. Should be a good week! :) 

It was so cool to have 6 investigators at Church this Sunday between us and the sisters. The ward was kinda shocked we had that many people to teach let alone bring to church. ha ha! So I ordered my new camera last week and I got it, but it was the wrong camera. It was the S6500 not the 6800, so I called the guy I bought it from and he was in Montana, so I knew he'd be a good guy! I told him what had happened and he said I could return it and he'd give me some free movies or games, but I was like I'm a missionary for my church, so I can't really use those things... Then I told him there was a 100 dollar difference between this camera and the one I orderes and he said well then how about I refund you $125 and we call it good, so I was like, "ok sweet. I just got a 100 dollar camera for 50 bucks!" Then he called me 5 minutes later and said sorry man, but we made another mistake we just refunded all your money- $170. But this is an easy way to train a new employee, so just keep the money and the camera. So Happy day here ha ha!!! So I'll be posting pictures soon but none with me in them. Ha! Ha! It's gonna be a surprise when I get home!! 

The Sandy Creek sisters got in an accident this week, so that wasn't good but it was with a former investigator of ours, so in a few weeks when this all pans out we will be contacting him again. Ha! Ha! I'm glad it wasn't the sister's fault though. Black dots aren't fun to have! Ha! Ha! I hope everyone had a good week!

Love Elder Christensen 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 2/18/14 "Doe he know de are da lord's Chips?"

Well family, another week has gone by. We taught West the law of tithing and he was just blown away that we don't pay anyone in our church. He loved know that tithing money goes to buildings and temples. He said "every church should be like that." Won't argue that the Lord's money should go to the Lord and no pastor or priest should rob God! We also had tons of meetings this week and one of them was way south in Cape zone and I was very tired from the drive and I pulled out my GPS to find some food and I could not believe my eyes! I almost cried! There is a TACO JOHNS in Cape! It was so beautiful. Reminded me of all the trips I've taken with my family. :) They didnt have the apple crisp, but everything else there was dang good. Made me very happy! :) Austin and West both didn't make it to church this week which was a bummer. Both had family drama, but that's no excuse for missing church! Ha! Ha! 

We had Zone p-day this Monday, and we all went Roller Skating, and I couldn't believe how fun that was. I haven't skated like that in 6 years. Ha! Ha! It also reminded me of why 80's music still is the best. Ha! Ha! Love those tender mercies! In the words of President Clark, "if you cant avoid it, Enjoy it!" I miss that man!

On a good note thoough, we got a Less Active and his son to finally come to church. They haven't been in like 8 months and really missed it, which I found odd. Most Less Actives I've talked to try to convince themselves either they don't need church or that they hate it, or the people. Ha! Ha! But they really missed being in the loving atmosphere of the church. The most important thing was they missed having the Spirit and that's the part that doesn't surprise me. I love the feelings you get from the Holy Ghost! Nothing can replace that! I'm truly convinced that's what keeps our members coming back every Sunday. We wouldn't do half the things we do as a church if it wasn't for the Spirit being there with us through it all. There is no way I would've left my family for 2 years and put my life on hold, unless I knew the Holy Ghost would be by my side for those 2 years!  And I'm so thankful for all the lessons I've been able to learn in this time.:) I hope everyone is doing well! 

Love Elder Christensen 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 2/10/14 "Service Surfing"

Well family, we had a much better ending to this week. We had West come to church with his father and they loved the service! We had ward conference and sister Perkins sang "I Need Thee Every Hour," and that was the most powerful musical I've ever heard!!! She couldn't even finish the 3rd verse because the Spirit was so strong. It was awesome and to have a investigator there and his inactive father made it that much better! West was like "is it this good every Sunday?" And I said, "well she sings every Sunday, just not a solo so try and sit close to her and it can be!" Ha! Ha! He went with the young men and they took him under their wing which was super cool to see. He is being loved by everyone around him and that's so powerful. Maybe we can get one of the young men to baptize him too! 

We also taught West the commandments and the Word of Wisdom, and I shared my personal testimony of the time when I was at a party where their wasn't the best of people and drugs and things. So I left, seeing the changes in the party and as I left, I saw a cop come around the corner and busted tons of kids from school and had I not listened to the Holy Ghost, then I would've been busted too. That really meant a lot to him. He was like, "that's the most amazing thing I've ever heard. Can I give you a high five right now?" I was like, "oh ya you can!" We also taught him the Law of Chastity and he is fully reading to live all of it, so we're moving forward. :) 

Austin's dad flaked on 2 of our appointments this week, so we didn't get to see him and he didn't come to church, so his baptism date may or may not happen. We will see? Hope he buckles down even though his dad is not much help and really wants this for himself! 

Kathy Cooper our newest member was super sick and had a bad medication reaction. She was in the ER earlier this week and we gave her a blessing and she made a full turn around in time for Sunday. She was so happy we came and helped her. She said "There is just a sense of peace when you guys are around." So that was great to hear! I'm proly just numb to the peace. Ha! Ha! But I'm glad we got to help and strengthen her testimony! 

Service was fun this week as well we help tons of old ladies at a food pantry and they got a gold bar rip stick and where like hmmm we gave give this to anyone and how does this thing even work ? So i showed then how it worked and they were all blown away lol They made me perform 3 times that day they where like man its like hes flying around the room lol kinda felt like it to cuz i had many obstacles to swing around ha ha It felt so good to ride that to doesn't help me with my many snowboarding dreams but its fun to ride in circles in the apartment at lunch time lol ! They gave me the rip stick for payment of my performing ha ha!!!  I love you all 

Love Elder Christensen   


Monday, February 3, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 2/3/14 "Trial and Air"

Earlier this week we had both Austin and West come to Young Mens, and they built an obstacle course / Par-core course and that was pretty fun to watch. They really bonded well with all the other young men and then after all they young guys ran the course they made me and my companion run the course as well. Of course as a missionaries you're obligated to get the best time. So I did! Ha! Ha! I had to represent the Missouri St. Louis mission right! My favorite part of the whole course was they had a full round table that you have to go over and most people would slide on it and I ran as fast as I could and jumped as high as I could and I cleared the whole table. That really helped my time and all the young men where like "what no way?" It was pretty funny! 

Well Family another week has gone by. I hope everyone enjoyed their Superbowl parties. We had a non-Superbowl party with the Tuckers. That was pretty fun! Kathy Cooper was baptized this past Saturday and that was a pretty eventful baptism! We didn't have a jumpsuit big enough, so we ran to all the other buildings to try and find a 3XL but had no luck, so we had our ward mission leader get his white pants and doubled up on white shirts lol. We had Brother Forrest, one of her now really good friends in the church, baptize her, and he was a pretty old fellow himself. So that was a sight to see as well. That was the slowest baptism I've ever witnessed! Ha! Ha! But it was super spiritual as well! It was really cool to see how determined she was to get baptized when all these obstacles got in her way. She was focused and said ok this will not be what keeps me from getting baptized and she was pushing through all these trials so that was cool to see! I could really relate to her with being close to the end of my mission.There have been many trials that have been hitting me in this final stretch of my mission. My camera broke on me and investigators have been not keeping their commitments and many other things, but this life would be pretty boring without trials so I say "bring it on!!!"  "Trials are simply opportunities." They can either help you grow or you can let them get you down! So I'm going to keep on pushin on till I've got no more push left in me! I Love you all and hope that you had a great week :) 

Love Elder Christensen