Monday, February 24, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 2/24/14 "Awesome Week!"

Well Family, this week was Awesome! We found a new investigator and his 10 year old son. They are super prepared. We taught the restoration and they watched the DVD that night together. We where on exchanges that day, but I got to invite him to baptism on the 1st lesson, and he said yes! :) They will be coming to church this week. So excited!! We also came by on Saturday and helped him work on his Jeep. I got to use a torch wrench and mount the head on his engine and we just got to know each other really good.

We also moved Austin to his new house just down the street from West our other investigator. They are the same ages and they're good friends and they give him rides to church so both their baptism dates are on! Heck yes! I hope I can stay here for my final full transfer. This is an awesome area!! The young men this week are doing baptism's for the dead at the St. Louis temple. I got it approved and we are going to take West and Austin and give them a tour on the grounds of the temple and have a lesson with them as well. Should be a good week! :) 

It was so cool to have 6 investigators at Church this Sunday between us and the sisters. The ward was kinda shocked we had that many people to teach let alone bring to church. ha ha! So I ordered my new camera last week and I got it, but it was the wrong camera. It was the S6500 not the 6800, so I called the guy I bought it from and he was in Montana, so I knew he'd be a good guy! I told him what had happened and he said I could return it and he'd give me some free movies or games, but I was like I'm a missionary for my church, so I can't really use those things... Then I told him there was a 100 dollar difference between this camera and the one I orderes and he said well then how about I refund you $125 and we call it good, so I was like, "ok sweet. I just got a 100 dollar camera for 50 bucks!" Then he called me 5 minutes later and said sorry man, but we made another mistake we just refunded all your money- $170. But this is an easy way to train a new employee, so just keep the money and the camera. So Happy day here ha ha!!! So I'll be posting pictures soon but none with me in them. Ha! Ha! It's gonna be a surprise when I get home!! 

The Sandy Creek sisters got in an accident this week, so that wasn't good but it was with a former investigator of ours, so in a few weeks when this all pans out we will be contacting him again. Ha! Ha! I'm glad it wasn't the sister's fault though. Black dots aren't fun to have! Ha! Ha! I hope everyone had a good week!

Love Elder Christensen 

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