Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 3/4/14 "Hot N Cold"

Well family, this week started off amazing. We had a killer tour of the Temple with West and Caleb. The sister's investigators came and they even had a little office in the temple where they let us use to teach our lesson.  So we had our lesson in the Temple and the Spirit was so strong. It was unreal! I love the Temple! I miss going every transfer ... Our lesson started off with just simply sharing our testimonies of the temple and how we have received answers to our prayers, and felt the Spirit when we go to the temple. They both were locked in the every word that was shared and even shared their thoughts and feeling while sitting there in the temple. It was so cool! Then after I said our closing prayer, I felt prompted to invite everyone there to take just a few minutes and offer up a prayer, and I promised them they would get their answer right there! So we all prayed for a few minutes and I could just feel during my prayer that they did get their answer. After that they both looked up at me with tears in their eyes and said, "wow I've never felt that warm feeling so strong!" I knew they both got the answer they needed and its was so cool to be a part of that! 

Later this week we got hammered by a killer ice storm and -10 degrees so church was cancelled again ugh!... We now have to push West's Baptismal date back another week which will put it just after transfers. Even with Austin's date he set, so I'm sure I'll be out of here next week! Ha Ha! It's been that way my whole mission, but let's see if it will change...? We didn't get to meet with Doug and his son this week. He dropped both of our appointments so I'm sure he got anti'd and wont meet with us again which is a bummer... I hate when people won't let others make their own judgments in religions. But they will be held accountable at the judgment seat for that. Ha! Ha! I hope everyone is surviveping these crazy ice storms, must be global warming! ... lol Stay safe everyone, love you all 

Love Elder Christensen 

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