Monday, March 10, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 3/10/14 "Saw this coming lol"

Well Family, another week has gone by. They're just going faster and faster! The time is flying by! Well my curse continues! lol I'm being transferred to Jefferson City, Missouri for my last 2 months of my mission, and I couldn't get out of the leadership for the end of my mission. Believe me, I tried! I'm sick of it! Ha! Ha! I just wanted to be a junior companion for a change... It's pretty cool that I've served in both of the Capitols in the 2 states our mission covers. Maybe I need to get in to politics JK !!! Well we moved West and Austins baptismal dates one more week so they don't have to wait 2 weeks to receive the Holy Ghost, because stake conference is this Sunday... My tradition continues! lol Get the area rolling get some baptismal dates and get transferred. My whole mission has been this way, so it's not even a surprise anymore... I still want to see my companion baptize someone. My whole mission, either I baptize everyone we're teaching, or I get kicked out before it happens! Never have I seen a baptism from the other side or the glass! So let's hope that Jeffcity has someone close to baptism and my companion can baptize them before I go home! I hope everyone is enjoying the sun. I'm wanting more snow so I can stay focused til May and not think about all my summer plans, ect... I love you all! 

Love Elder Christensen 

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