Monday, March 17, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 3/17/14 "Jeffcity trick"

Well family, I,m in Jeffcity now, and I'm loving it! This city has a lot of potential and I've already seen why I was sent here! The district was not the best as far as following the rules the past few months, but they seem to making some big changes now that they have a district leader that won't put up with that. Ha! Ha! And they kinda fear I might beat them up if they break the rules again, which may happen! Ha! Ha! My home date is May 14th, so I have till then to fix these elders and sisters...
We did a lot of contacting in downtown Jeffcity around the Capitol building. We met some pretty cool people and took a few pictures for families visiting and gave them cards. Hope they check it out! We had a pretty cool finding story this week. While setting up my YMCA stuff for the rest of my mission we went to see the membership director and she opened up to us my saying, "Elders what can I do for ya?" I was like wait you know who we are? Turns out we found a Less active member and she opened up to us about how she found the church and told us her conversion story. So I challenged her to come to church this Sunday and she DID !!! I also had to speak for 5 minutes with less than 2 minutes to prepare. Ha! Ha! So I'm glad the Spirit was there to help me know what to say and how to say it! It was so cool to see, cuz my talk lead perfectly into the other talks for the meeting and I had no idea what they where going to talk about! So that was a really good start to my new area. We also have this really cool Vietnam vet who lives right by us and he is a member that is like our mission Grandpa. I call him "Grandpa Glenn." He tells us all these cool stories of war and he feeds us every meal that the members don't, so I'm a happy camper! :) Love you all!

Love Elder Christensen

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