Monday, February 10, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 2/10/14 "Service Surfing"

Well family, we had a much better ending to this week. We had West come to church with his father and they loved the service! We had ward conference and sister Perkins sang "I Need Thee Every Hour," and that was the most powerful musical I've ever heard!!! She couldn't even finish the 3rd verse because the Spirit was so strong. It was awesome and to have a investigator there and his inactive father made it that much better! West was like "is it this good every Sunday?" And I said, "well she sings every Sunday, just not a solo so try and sit close to her and it can be!" Ha! Ha! He went with the young men and they took him under their wing which was super cool to see. He is being loved by everyone around him and that's so powerful. Maybe we can get one of the young men to baptize him too! 

We also taught West the commandments and the Word of Wisdom, and I shared my personal testimony of the time when I was at a party where their wasn't the best of people and drugs and things. So I left, seeing the changes in the party and as I left, I saw a cop come around the corner and busted tons of kids from school and had I not listened to the Holy Ghost, then I would've been busted too. That really meant a lot to him. He was like, "that's the most amazing thing I've ever heard. Can I give you a high five right now?" I was like, "oh ya you can!" We also taught him the Law of Chastity and he is fully reading to live all of it, so we're moving forward. :) 

Austin's dad flaked on 2 of our appointments this week, so we didn't get to see him and he didn't come to church, so his baptism date may or may not happen. We will see? Hope he buckles down even though his dad is not much help and really wants this for himself! 

Kathy Cooper our newest member was super sick and had a bad medication reaction. She was in the ER earlier this week and we gave her a blessing and she made a full turn around in time for Sunday. She was so happy we came and helped her. She said "There is just a sense of peace when you guys are around." So that was great to hear! I'm proly just numb to the peace. Ha! Ha! But I'm glad we got to help and strengthen her testimony! 

Service was fun this week as well we help tons of old ladies at a food pantry and they got a gold bar rip stick and where like hmmm we gave give this to anyone and how does this thing even work ? So i showed then how it worked and they were all blown away lol They made me perform 3 times that day they where like man its like hes flying around the room lol kinda felt like it to cuz i had many obstacles to swing around ha ha It felt so good to ride that to doesn't help me with my many snowboarding dreams but its fun to ride in circles in the apartment at lunch time lol ! They gave me the rip stick for payment of my performing ha ha!!!  I love you all 

Love Elder Christensen   


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