Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 2/18/14 "Doe he know de are da lord's Chips?"

Well family, another week has gone by. We taught West the law of tithing and he was just blown away that we don't pay anyone in our church. He loved know that tithing money goes to buildings and temples. He said "every church should be like that." Won't argue that the Lord's money should go to the Lord and no pastor or priest should rob God! We also had tons of meetings this week and one of them was way south in Cape zone and I was very tired from the drive and I pulled out my GPS to find some food and I could not believe my eyes! I almost cried! There is a TACO JOHNS in Cape! It was so beautiful. Reminded me of all the trips I've taken with my family. :) They didnt have the apple crisp, but everything else there was dang good. Made me very happy! :) Austin and West both didn't make it to church this week which was a bummer. Both had family drama, but that's no excuse for missing church! Ha! Ha! 

We had Zone p-day this Monday, and we all went Roller Skating, and I couldn't believe how fun that was. I haven't skated like that in 6 years. Ha! Ha! It also reminded me of why 80's music still is the best. Ha! Ha! Love those tender mercies! In the words of President Clark, "if you cant avoid it, Enjoy it!" I miss that man!

On a good note thoough, we got a Less Active and his son to finally come to church. They haven't been in like 8 months and really missed it, which I found odd. Most Less Actives I've talked to try to convince themselves either they don't need church or that they hate it, or the people. Ha! Ha! But they really missed being in the loving atmosphere of the church. The most important thing was they missed having the Spirit and that's the part that doesn't surprise me. I love the feelings you get from the Holy Ghost! Nothing can replace that! I'm truly convinced that's what keeps our members coming back every Sunday. We wouldn't do half the things we do as a church if it wasn't for the Spirit being there with us through it all. There is no way I would've left my family for 2 years and put my life on hold, unless I knew the Holy Ghost would be by my side for those 2 years!  And I'm so thankful for all the lessons I've been able to learn in this time.:) I hope everyone is doing well! 

Love Elder Christensen 

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