Monday, February 3, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 2/3/14 "Trial and Air"

Earlier this week we had both Austin and West come to Young Mens, and they built an obstacle course / Par-core course and that was pretty fun to watch. They really bonded well with all the other young men and then after all they young guys ran the course they made me and my companion run the course as well. Of course as a missionaries you're obligated to get the best time. So I did! Ha! Ha! I had to represent the Missouri St. Louis mission right! My favorite part of the whole course was they had a full round table that you have to go over and most people would slide on it and I ran as fast as I could and jumped as high as I could and I cleared the whole table. That really helped my time and all the young men where like "what no way?" It was pretty funny! 

Well Family another week has gone by. I hope everyone enjoyed their Superbowl parties. We had a non-Superbowl party with the Tuckers. That was pretty fun! Kathy Cooper was baptized this past Saturday and that was a pretty eventful baptism! We didn't have a jumpsuit big enough, so we ran to all the other buildings to try and find a 3XL but had no luck, so we had our ward mission leader get his white pants and doubled up on white shirts lol. We had Brother Forrest, one of her now really good friends in the church, baptize her, and he was a pretty old fellow himself. So that was a sight to see as well. That was the slowest baptism I've ever witnessed! Ha! Ha! But it was super spiritual as well! It was really cool to see how determined she was to get baptized when all these obstacles got in her way. She was focused and said ok this will not be what keeps me from getting baptized and she was pushing through all these trials so that was cool to see! I could really relate to her with being close to the end of my mission.There have been many trials that have been hitting me in this final stretch of my mission. My camera broke on me and investigators have been not keeping their commitments and many other things, but this life would be pretty boring without trials so I say "bring it on!!!"  "Trials are simply opportunities." They can either help you grow or you can let them get you down! So I'm going to keep on pushin on till I've got no more push left in me! I Love you all and hope that you had a great week :) 

Love Elder Christensen 

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