Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stories from Jeff

We got a package from Jeff this week. He sent a few things home before his transfer and he shared some stories in the letter he sent with his package that I thought I would share here. His handwritten letters are definitely more thoughtful and have more details than the emails he sends each week. He shared a story in this letter about the family that he has been working with to get to the temple. They had a sick baby with an infection in her bloodstream who was in the hospital. Jeff was able to give the baby a blessing and she recovered and got better right after that. He also talked about how the brnch he is in has been very poorly attended with ony 25-30 people coming each week, and last week they had 78 people there, so he was really exicted about the work they had done with the less actives in the Branch there. He also really feels like he was sent to Shiloh for a reason, and he was having some good results in the short time he was there, so he is super bummed about getting transferred this soon, but I am sure there is a reason he will be in Springfield as well!

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