Monday, November 5, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 11/5/12 Springfield, IL

So, I Love this new area. My comps last leader was a missionary that's almost done, so he has given up on a lot of the mission rules like 6:30am workouts and waking up on time. My current comp is loving how aggressive I am to work out and stay in shape because he what to lose a lot of his mission weight. I've got 2 pounds off him already! In 6 weeks I'll have 15-20 off him! Missionary boot camp lol:)  He really loves how I keep the days fun too. Even when tracting sucks and it's cold and we're getting nothing but slammed doors in our face, I'm always making jokes out of it to keep our hopes up!:) For example one lady was a 20 year Pentecostal and I talked about the restoration of the gospel and taught it in 60 seconds and had asked her if she would pray to know the things that I said were true and she said I won't pray because I know I'll get the answer that will make me a Mormon. I said to her yep! It's funny how God wants people to know his church has been restored and it's true! She then said have a good day keep up the good work and took a Book of Mormon ha ha !!

This new area is awesom! The Zone Leader's home is a guest house to this mansion and there is a 500 foot zip line that I got to ride over this huge lake. It was so fun!! Then there is this member B.Rob. He helps the missionaries out with miles (by giving rides) and everything.

This area is just like the Simpson's cartoon. They almost got chosen to be the city for the Simpson's movie premier. This place has huge smoke stacks and a big energy/ power plant just like the Simpson's ha ha!   Springfield is my favorite area. The people here are very nice and receptive to our message and I have enjoyed getting to talk with them! I'm looking forward to getting the work rolling ni this area and my 1st area of being the Senior comp:)

Love Elder Christensen

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