Thursday, June 13, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 6/10/13 I'm hot blooded 103

Well this week was a lot harder for finding people, but we got through it, and did all we could. We tracted a lot this week when we had time from all our busy service!! I was super excited. I was gonna be a head coach for summer tee-ball, and it was all set up then the ZL's (zone leaders) said we couldn't do it... I was way mad! Ha! Ha! If I wasn't working on my patience some missionaries might have got a tee-ball hitting lesson for free :) I felt bad telling the manager at the YMCA that we had to back out. He wasn't very happy about it either. :/
We did our district leader exchanges this week, and I got to workout at the YMCA with Elder Gibbs. That was amazing, other than I was still recovering from a fever (of 103) I got earlier in the week.  Elder Gibbs is a great leader and he is way into motorcycles so we talked about bike for many many hours on this exchange.  He talked me into a Ducati so I'm set in my ways now. Ha! Ha! :) We also got to visit some part-member families in Macon and they had a lot of country in them! Ha! Ha! It was super fun!  I'm very glad I wasnt stuck with Elder Esplin. My poor companion endured that trial well! Ha! Ha!
So I found tons of nasty mold in our apartment so I went crazy on cleaning that place top to bottom! I bought huge contractor bags and wrapped my twin bed and all the couch cushions and slept on the floor for one night. Glad I don't have to do that too often. I'm pretty sure we have the cleanest apartment in the mission now :)
This week Danny was dropped (as an investigator) because he went crazy on our ward mission leader and I thought they were going to duke it out! Ha! Ha! So we had to leave. The Spirit was gone long before that, but you learn from it none the less ... John Ekstrom is our most solid investigator. He is RLDS so he loves and believes everything we teach other than being married for eternity or anything that we teach that involves eternal progression.  This is new for me and its hard because I'm training as well, and Elder Rausch is doing the best he can, but this guy is far from a routine investigator and the normal lessons. Ha! Ha! It's been fun though !! We have some firesides soming up soon so hopefully that will be a good finding tool for us this week. We need some new investigators !! Love you all enjoy your summer mine starts 360 days from now but who is counting? ;) 

Love Elder christensen  

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