Monday, July 9, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 7/9/12

So the town of Farimington is a very unique area in the fact that its the hardest area in my mission for success they haven't had any baptisms in 5 months.... but im trying my best to break that streak!! Just this week tracting we had some luck out in a town called fredricktown we did some district tracting there and we ran in to a landscape man that was from our area of farmington!! he was very open with us and wished to know more he believes alot of the same things we do. he was raised Amish bust now is menacostile? he has 5 kids and a wife so that would be alot of baptisms if we can get them ha ha We talked with him for bout and hour about how to become a member and how the Gospel has been restored in these latter days through Joseph Smith and he was very interested. Hope this one will pull through :) so Little more bout Kenrae we have been trying almost every day to try and meet up with her but her home is not a safe place to meet in so we are still trying to get a lesson in with her.... Even if we don't get the chance to baptise her at least i know that we made a difference in someones life that was deciding to end her life... You never realize how big of an influence you have on someones life til they tell you!! i had to fight back so many tears as she showed us the letter that she was gonna leave her family as she was gonna kill herself. i just hope we can get the chance to bring the gospel into her life!! my other investigators are wade, Latasha, Jenine, kenrae, josh, James, and Linda.... they all are so very different so that's why its so fun to teach them because none of them are the same !!! so more bout the area .... oh i killed my 1st snake today it was right by my protein package from my momma it was a big nasty cotton mouth snake and i was half tempted to grill it because that's good eating around here lol!! so how i killed this snake was my comp has this little machete that he uses to cut up the chicken for our dinners and stuff so i lead the snake to the concrete and just swung as hard and as fast as i could and i cut his head off ha ha !! So today for our P day we our going to hike elephant rocks its like the only thing close to a mountain here I'm gonna take lots of pictures:)

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  1. Hey its Javier:) Hahaha what a great man and great example you are becoming brother! Much love and respect towards you, so excited to here all the wonderful success your having. Love you man!