Monday, July 2, 2012

Elder Christensen: Letter 7/2/12

Here is the latest email from Jeff. He doesn't use puctuation when he types, but I guess it is better than trying to read his handwriting! Also, Jeff has a fear of spiders, so it is probably killing him that there are so many in his apartment!

Hey so my farmington address is 1005 vandiver farmington MO i don't have the zip code?? I'm so glad i bought that fire proof safe with all the fire in herriman! but anyways my 1st area is really hard there is not alot of activity out here its hard to try and stay positive when you you have no success to look back on... this area hasn't had a baptism in 5 months now ! I'm trying my best during the discussions and juts meeting the people the ward families love me and hope that i get called as the new district leader i don't know why ?? This area is very humbling our apartment is so nasty i hate it every night I'm killing like 4 spiders and everything in dirty half the carpet is missing and the walls have stains and mold everywhere! ha ha our couches are from the 70's and they defiantly smell like it but its OK because we are hardly ever using them! We are tracting like 3 hours everyday im losing so much weight its crazy!!! the past week the average temp is 108F the hottest has been 112F and we sweat like crazy tracting in that! so my 1st investigator is wade and he is baptist like the rest f his family we have been answering alot of his questions about our church but haven't got any commitments from him yet... but staying positive:) i love president Clark and sister Clark they are amazing for our yearly district activity they are taking all of us to the Cardinals and dodgers game in 2 months so you better see me on TV ha ha jk! pretty cool story though we had an appointment with a girl named Kenrae and she bailed and her dad was gonna shut the door in our face but i said may we just talk to you about your beliefs for a minutes the we talked for like a hour and the got him to come to a Tuesday night Scripture study with brother hargis he chops hot rods and stuff so cool!! then Kenrae showed up and saw us teaching her father and couldn't believe it then she said i need to be baptised so we are hoping she will follow through with us! she has lots to improve on before then but with faith i god anything is possible ! she also talked personally with me and i found out she was planning on killing herself later this week she had a goodbye letter and everything but when she saw the light in my eyes it put hope in hers is what she told me! so i hoping that i cant help her turn her life around through the Gospel and the Church! so my mission is one of the poorest US missions so we only get 160$ a month so hopefully we start getting more member meals because I'm running out of candy ha ha ... my Mexican companion is cooking all of our meals ha ha excepting i cook pizza sometimes but his food is better! hope they get all the fires under control!!! hurry and reply i have 30 minutes to write ya back!!:)

Elder Christensen

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