Monday, April 15, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 4/15/13 Tornado time

Well this week I got to see my 1st ever tornado. Those things are crazy and deadly! I have no clue how people can live where they happen so often!! This one was really close to our apartment and the church. Luckily both didn't get hit. Tons of homes by the church are ripped in half, which is sad!! Full grown trees were thrown into homes and street lights are long gone. We lost power for 24 hours and some areas had no power for the whole week!! We did get to do some service finally though. We helped neighbors cut trees and haul them off and this Sunday we helped put together food and clothing kits with the Radichels and the Ringling family at the Hazelwood elementary school. Nothing would have gotten done if the Mormon crew did show up! No joke. They had no clue what they needed to do!! 

Also this Sunday, Dorris Carter, our investigator got up and bore her testimony. It was great! Then at the end of her testimony she said, "I would like to thank God for my missionaries he has given me. I would like to say they is the most handsome Elders I've ever seen!" Everyone busted up laughing including me. Ha! Ha! She is a character for sure!! Hopefully we will be getting her dunked soon.:)  We also taught a part member family on Friday for FHE and talked about the structure of the church and how the Book of Mormon came to be. Her 2 little kids loved it, especially Kiara. She is so cute! She is 8 years old and loves art.:)  

This month has been going by super fast cant believe I'm almost 20 years old! I'll no longer be in my teenage years:/

Love Elder Christensen

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