Monday, April 8, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 4/8/13 Stayin here

Well, good news! I'm staying for another transfer. :)  General Confrence was great. I really enjoyed all the talks. I really could realate to president Monson's talk when he shared the story of almost burning down all the cabins and pine trees.That sounds a lot like something I would've done!! 
This week people were super talkative on the busses, but only to me. My comp didn't get much action there for some reason.  I was very happy. I got to teach 6 other lessons within 3 buses. Pretty cool! One of them used to be a former investigator and we wouldn't know that because some really dumb missionaries before us threw away all the records of the area. I hope they get their just reward for that deed!:) Sam is the former investigator in whom I'm talking about and she is way cool. I talked with her about the plan of salvation and she just ate that up!! She really wanted a book of mormon so we gave her one and will be meeting with her this Thursday, :) 
We had a great dinner with the Radichel family and this was the last time we will be seeing their foreign exchange student from Germany. Hopefully she has learned tons from the Radichels and the great example they are for our ward. Maybe she will taking the lessons in the future now, or at least stop the missionaries when she sees them?  The work is picking up out here. Our area will be getting cut in half this Wednesday, but I made sure that we kept some of the ghetto for us too. Ha! Ha! Hopefully we get some good Elders and a car!! I have taken over the duties of basketball on Tuesday so we can teach those non-memebers and get them rolling. I'm so mad that it just stopped and never came back, so I'm making it happen lol. I bought a new ball last week, and got a key for the hoops on its way! :)
I have learned a lot about myself this last transfer and its been almost more than I can handle. I'm so thankful for my Father in Heaven, and for my friends and family who write me. I won't ever forget these letters and emails and when I get home you will be the 1st people I hold in my arms!!  I love you all and hope you are enjoying this Spring and getting ready for this summer. :)

Love Elder Christensen

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