Monday, March 25, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 3/25/13 It's Snowtime

Well this week we got hammered by a thunder snow storm. Pretty cool to watch! Got to do lots of service shoveling peoples walks for them. I don't think anyone here was ready for that storm. They where trying to use brooms and dirt shovels haha! I was like ohhhh myyyy!!  We only had a 15 minute church this week because the storm was getting so hard that people wouldn't be able to get home but we still had the sacrament so that was good!!:)  Then we went to the Radichel's for dinner and lunch and games. We hung out there all day. I can't say how much I love that family. They make me feel like I'm at home. They are so much fun!!
Earlier in the week we went to contact some referrals and we met Shambria. She's 20 years old she's been a Pharmacy Tech for about 2 years so her and I really hit it off, and we taught her the restoration with her brother Marco and he was so excited for the chance to bear his testimony. It was really cool!!  His testimony was very simple and I could feel the spirit just sink into Shambria and she began to tear up and said "thank you so much for coming by can I call you guys next week for when I can meet? I'm moving into a new place," and its in our area HECK yes! Also Martin and Alecia where super sick all week last week and they got better and we met with them on Thursday with Brother Kipp and taught them about faith and how to increase both ours and others faith.  His uncle came out of his coma so that's another miracle that he was able to see.  I was blessed with the opportunity to give a blessing to a young man in the ward, Eric McCowin. He is in the final stretch of his chemotherapy. He is such a trooper! He will be a great missionary!!
Also this week on Tuesday I was able to receive a letter from one of my best friends Karli Augat. Her letters are just pure Awesomeness. They have way good drawings, glitter and she is the same funny crazy person I loved hanging out with it. It was nice to hear from her :) I really need that letter. This week has been a hard one on me with my SD card missing, people dieing, dates falling through, and I just haven't been myself lately, but I'm gonna turn that around as soon as I can!! 
Julie, a member from my last area, came up with her family and talked with me about Amanda and her temple experiences there.  She also said its crazy that the 4 women she knew at the temple 3 of them where found, taught, and baptized because of me, so that was way cool to hear :) Those 3 were Amanda, Grandma Hurley, and Barbara.  Amanda also talked with Julie and the Bishop and she is starting her papers for her mission. She wants to SERVE A MISSION! How cool is that? Next January she will be able to go!! ASL missions are way cool too. They get transferred from state to state or anywhere in the world. So cool !! Well I love you all and wish you the best!
Love Elder Christensen

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