Monday, March 18, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 03/18/13 Muddin'

So this week was an ok week. A lot of our appointments fell through which wasn't fun, but it got better by the end of the week... So we got to do some awesome service this week. We helped Brother Brooke's move from his old house to a newer one still in the ward. When we got there, the U-haul was stuck in his neighbors lawn up to the front axle in mud. I saw this and thought of all the stupid pictures on Google of people who park on bridges and boats and their car is messed over!  I came up with the idea that if we load all the heavy boxes over the back wheels and get another truck pulling from the rear we could get it out and over the curb where it was high centered. Sure enough it worked and we where able to provide the service we where there for. I love helping people move on my mission. It feels a lot like what I did at home ha ha!
We also found a new flea market this week just off the freeway. It's in storage units and pretty ghetto, but they have tons of nice stuff, so it will be harder for me to save my money now ha ha! They have Dr.Dre Beats for $30, Affliction pants and Jordans way cheap but I'm holding out the best I can!! I did by some new B-Ball shoes for $20, Jordan Aero Flights. They looked a lot like my dream shoes from the movie Space Jam. I'll get to test those today when we play basketball with the Radichel family!!:) 
We went tracting a lot this week but nobody was home. Stupid holidays! They ruin missionary work lol! This week I just finished reading Jesus the Christ and that's the longest book I've ever read next to the Bible. I did learn a lot from that book about our Savior and his life. I'm a little bit more angry towards Jews now though because in the book it makes it so clear that Jesus is the Christ and they couldn't see that for some reason but its all part of the plan... I've read all the books that I wanted to on my mission and now I'm going through the Old Testament and highlighting all the key points in the chapter headings so I will have quick references to whats going on. I've already done this to the New Testament and the Book of Mormon and D&C and the testimonies of the witnesses and the prophets. I've learned so much scripture it blows my mind as to how clueless I was about my church before and now I'm realizing there are many Mormons that don't know anything other than the primary stories lol. But that's why its a lifetime study. You can never know too much about the gospel!! I'm so happy I'm in a state side mission where I can study the Bible instead of another language :)

Another really great thing this week Julie from my last area called me and told me that Amanda and Grandma Hurley both went to the Nauvoo Temple last week and did Baptisms for the dead there for their Grandmothers. They loved the temple so much and couldn't believe how beautiful the building was and the spirit was so strong there!! I'm glad to say that I didn't just put them under the water and that they're truly converted to the gospel:) It doesn't matter if you baptized 200 people if only 10 of them stay active and keep their promises to God. You've really only brought 10 people to Christ. These people aren't just numbers they are souls and my new goal is to do my best to not have any people who fall away!! Julie will be coming up to the city this Saturday to tell me more about how Amanda is doing so that will be great :) I hope everyone is well and I hope to hear from you soon!

Love Elder Christensen

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