Monday, March 4, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 03/04/13 New Comp

Well, this week has been great. Every day after transfers has been a blessing! :) I Love My New Comp. His name is Elder Shivers. He is from Chandler, AZ and he has been on his mission for 20 months. I'm still the Senior Comp which I find very weird!! This week we met with Eric White and had a great lesson and talked about baptism and he said I need to be baptised. I know Ive prayed about it, I just need to figure out how I would get in the font and everything with my medical issues. He has been on bed rest for 10 months. I'm pretty sure he had a problem with his colon and things didn't go to well but we are hoping that we will have him in full health at least able to to be baptised sometime in April. Hopefully I'll be staying here that long!  I've been cursed and haven't been in a area longer than 3 months so we shall see ha ha:) 
So our funny black story for the week is Elder Shivers is a pretty tall thin guy. He is 6'4 and about 160 lbs and we were waiting for our bus and this drunk black lady comes up to him and says "Hey there looking for a good time I've got some sauce here for you" Elder Shivers says no its too cold and your drunk lol" Then she says "its cuz I'm black isn't it?"  HAHA! Then she comes up to me and I'm like " Oh DEAR here we go again.... She says "Hey yo friend don't think I'm pretty! What's wrong wit him?" I said, "It's cuz he is white." She then says "you're right, we black people need to stick together!" LOL She was so drunk she thought I was black!! This place gets better and better!!
We had alot of great lessons this week and had a lot of support from the ward :) This Sunday was Stake Conference and it was amazing because Elder Hawk from the quorum of the seventy shared a football story and talked about how life is a football game and made a lot of the same connections I did. It was so cool! And I gave my talk a little while a go and Mary said hey you and this guy must know each other huh? She really enjoyed the talks and felt the spirit, so it was a great Sunday :) Then we went to the Radishel's for dinner and it was so much fun. I love that family so much. They remind me so much of my family at home :) We played games with them and enjoyed the company. That's the best way to end the good week !! Well I love you all so much and hope to hear from you soon:)


Love Elder Christensen

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