Monday, July 1, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 7/1/13 "Good day to be an American :)"

Well we had a great week of finding this week. We got 8 new investigators. Just what this area needed; a fresh start! We had mini missionaries from Columbia for 4 days and we ran ours into the ground! ha ha! We tracted like crazy and he did great. It really paid off in our finding efforts.  We also had 2 investigators at church this week so that was good. The members seemed shocked like its been forever since they've seen a new investigator come in. lol
Tons of Service this week. We got to bail 3 tons of hay, so that was fun. Ate up the skin and had some nasty bugs burrow in the skin but time heals all wounds. lol :) We also did some service for some new investigators. We tore down their deck and it was all nasty and moldy, but I was happy to get some more hard work. I live for that in the summer! :) They were shocked at how fast we got the whole job done they said you guys are just like the Amish, minus the beards ... They also fed us dinner and we had a great lesson. I just sat back and let my greeny and the mini handle it. If they got stuck I'd step in. Other than that it was all them! :)
We also taught/ rebuked John in Paris this week. I found a great pamphlet that destroys the RLDS line of authority and he just didn't feel it.  I then kindly said we taught you everything that we can, and you know have the knowledge to pray with real intent for your answer and we will see if that goes anywhere? It's very hard to drop people especially when they are so close but they just need to put their trust in the Lord and let him guide them.  I love you all and hope you have a great 4th of July !!! AMERICA > Canada 

Love Elder Christensen 

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