Monday, July 15, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 7/15/13 "MMA and AMISH"

Well we had a pretty crazy week. All together went on exchanges to Macon this week. Nothing super fun there but we did tract for 4 hours and met a brother to one of the Chicago bears players so that was pretty cool! :)
So we did fight our bishop last week and he is dang good, but I guess 12 years of Pro MMA would make you a pretty good fighter! lol Out of all the elders, I did last the longest. I escaped 3 of his best choke-outs, but he did get me with the last one! It was the craziest move I've ever been in for sure. He choked me out with my own arms. I couldn't even tap out. I had to say "tap." It was way fun tho. I haven't sparred in forever !! I think I'll do some MMA on the side when I get home. It reminds me of wrestling when I was little and its always a good skill to have to beat those that are stronger than you. :) 
Then we went to a couple of the Amish stores. I'm so glad I'm not Amish. Life seems so much harder without a car or electricity. I would die without those!!  It was cool to see how they make a living. Very humble and honest people. I bought some sweet potato pancake mix. ha ha! Dang good stuff !!
This week we found some new investigators in Paris and we will be teaching them on Friday so hopefully something will come of this. I hate going out to Paris cuz only like 500 people live there and they all work out of Moberly, so we rarely see anyone when tracting ....  and its been tracted at least 20 times. We've done the whole town 3 times in these past 2 transfers. I counted 374 doors! ha ha!  The only reason I like going to Paris is for Bro. Reeves. He is old and just lost his wife so he is very lonely but he loves our visits and I can tell they lift him up a ton !! His family lives in Florida and Georgia and Alaska so he doesn't see them much ... His maid makes the best lunch ever though. Her pies are legendary I'm getting the recipe for sure!! We started playing soccer on Saturday in the morning with some non-members and the O'loughlin family and one of them came to church this week. He is 19 years old, his name is Dillan. The other elders are starting to teach him. Should be some good from that. He knows something's about our church. He had dated a member at one time. Hopefully we can get more things rolling in this area. Just need to work out all the kinks. ha ha! Hope all is well at home :)

Love Elder Christensen

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