Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Elder Chirstensen: Letter 10/16/13 "Shut it down"

So this week was super crazy! I'm sorry I didn't email till Wednesday. I don't have a ton of time to email back, so I'll keep it short.  Columbus Day we didn't get to email.  It seems things shut down over anything now days.  Even the government haha!!!  Wait, no politics sorry.  

We just had a zone P-day. We went up to Champaign and played dodge ball zone vs. zone. It was intense! Our zone has 20 missionaries and they had 32 and we still won haha! Elder Sutherland and I carried a lot of the weight but it was totally worth it. This past week we also got Samantha's baptism date more solidified for the 25th of this month. 

We did tons of  exchanges in some other areas and it's been awesome.  I've been trying to talk to everyone lately and it's amazing not just how good I feel but seeing other missionaries step up to match me.  Setting an example is huge out here in the missionary world.  I love how real missionaries are with me I feel too many are afraid of the Zl's and Dl's so they put on a face and that is super shallow. So I'm very happy they are open with me and love serving with me for even just that one day.  Exchanges are good and fun but I still like working in my area with Elder Sutherland.  He's a cool kid and we get along really well.  We gave 4 blessings in about 30 mins the other night.  Two older couples requested them so we went over and did them.  It's a cool thing giving blessings and feeling directed by the spirit.  Missions are great!  Good thing they never end. ha ha jk

Love  Elder Christensen

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