Monday, January 13, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 1/13/14 "Good stuff"

Well family, this week was pretty fun other than freezing to death in the beginning! I'm glad I had all my winter gear! We did visit one of our investigators; Dustin. He and Amanda had a few arguments over the holidays, and he got pretty wasted and yelled some pretty mean things, so he got arrested and released this week. We saw him and he was a mess!  He even remembered the last words I said to him before the holidays. I said "Have Fun, but not too much fun, stay away from the drinks." He said jokingly, "that won't be fun then," and we left. He said my words rang through his head in jail over and over again, and he wishes he would've listened.  He is at the lowest I've ever seen him though. But it's bringing on tons of good changes. He dumped every bottle of alcohol he had in front of us and said, "I'm never touching this stuff again." So hopefully he sticks to it! I'm sure Amanda will come back once he gets his life back on track, but if he wont let the gospel in, he's got a long way to go...

We had a killer lesson with Austin this week! We watched 2 short clips and the Spirit was super strong during the basketball one and since we just played basketball last week, I think it softened his heart. After the video I said, "Austin I know that you've felt the Spirit with us and God will answer your prayers." There was a long pause and no one talked for like forever it felt like, and then he said, "I don't know why, but baptism just keeps popping back into my head almost like the Spirit is shoving me into it." His dad said, "Austin that's the Holy Ghost telling you it's right." And with his dad being an excommunicated member, he began to cry because he felt the Spirit again and said, "son I know you're ready. I wish I was too."  Then Austin set his baptism date for his mother's birthday, on March 14th. I don't know if I'll be here then with my transfer history! I could be gone in 2 weeks! Ha! Ha! So we will see... If I'm here or not, I know we made a difference in his life and being able to invite the spirit into their home has made a world of difference ! All in all its been a good week. I love ya family !     

Love Elder Christensen 

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