Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 01/7/14 "ICE Crystal City"

Well family, this week was the coldest week ever! Ha! Ha! Zero degrees was our high for 3 days and it snowed 12 inches. They shut down the whole city of St. Louis for 2 days.  We also had a wind chill of -35, so I'm glad I was well prepared for this. We went tracting for like 20 minutes, and the police told us to go home, that it was not safe for anyone to be outside. So 2 days of chilling in the apartment, got tons of studies in, but when I finally got Spiritually yoked. Ha! Ha! It was fun time lol.  Then we helped tons of people get their cars out of the snow, which was fun. I found the best way to do it is to shovel til you get to the road and have them spin their tires and just push the car over till the tires hit the road, then rock it hard ha ha good stuff!

We did get to teach an awesome lesson to Austin, and invited him to pray for a baptismal date and we watched "things that matter most," from  Elder Utchdorf  and that was just what his father needed to hear as well. It's way cool to see the Spirit working on both of them. Then afterwards we played some basketball to build our trust with Austin and he is a little ball for 14 years old. Burned my companion a few times lol! But all around that was a blast! We played some 21 and a few games of horse. We also had another lesson with Katrina Holmes. She used to live in Florissant ha ha! So I know her Aunt and they're so much alike it's crazy! They both can talk forever! Ha! Ha! That was the longest lesson of my life! 2 and a half hours! I was trying to get out for 2 hours of that. Ha! Ha! I heard the same story easy 3 times lol. But missions will teach you patience that's for sure!

Well, I'm officially starting on my (6 months to sexy) ha ha! I did my body cleanse and lost all my holiday weight. I lost 10 pounds and now its time to rebuild and cut up! Ha! Ha! I am going for a mean 150 lbs. I hope it all works out. Can't see my friends looking chub chub ha ha! I love you all and hope you are all safe in your travels!!

Love Elder Christensen

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