Monday, May 5, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 5/5/14 "It's the final countdown"

Well family, it's been a crazy week! We've seen everyone that is on our branch roster and 85 percent are moved, burnt out of their home, in jail, or dead.... So we had a few of the Less Actives come this Sunday so we had a whole 15 people there. Heck yes!!! It was the funniest Fast Sunday of my whole life!!! The theme of the meeting seemed to be mistakes and the atonement and the Branch president was in and out of the meeting like every 10 minutes and was hobbling pretty fast every time. Then he finally gets up to share his testimony and says "Its funny the theme seems to be mistakes for today I've made one of the more painful mistakes of my life." He goes on to say,  "just this morning I mixed up my medications and took double of the wrong medication and it was osmotic laxatives!" haha Everyone was dying because everyone was like why is he leaving every 10 minutes? Then at the end of his testimony he left again and the next sister was like, "well president you go take care of your business, while I confess to everyone all my my mistakes." I will never forget this meeting. It was so much fun and there was some really powerful testimonies too, which was just what our Less Actives needed!! One was like, "is church this fun every week?" And I said, "it is if you're in this branch!!" It's like one family of 15 people. It's awesome! I also got to teach Chris a New Member of about 3 months how to Bless the Sacrament. He got it... 3rd times the charm. That was cool to see. I also got to pass the sacrament which was awesome! I haven't done that in 2 years!!!  Hope everyone is having fun and is prepared for Summer!

Love Elder Christensen 

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