Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dropping Jeff off at the MTC

Dropping Jeff off at the MTC

This was Jeff's last look back at his family when we dropped him off at the MTC. We had all the kids and Jeff's grandparents there as well as his uncle Casey. We parked across the street at the Provo Temple and walked with him over to the MTC. A missionary met him there to help him with his luggage. He gave all of us a hug and then he was off! It was weird driving away knowing that he was only a few blocks away from where I work, but that I wouldn't be able to see him or talk to him for the next 2 years!

We tried not to be too emotional, which would make it harder on him leaving. Tori had the hardest time and was pretty much a basket case on the walk back to the car, but she is adjusting now. They were really close before he left, so it hit her the hardest. We are not sure when we will hear from him next because their P-days are staggered while they are in the MTC.

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