Thursday, June 21, 2012

Elder Christensen: Week 2 MTC

Wow another week down... this is my last p-day at the mtc crazy! I'm so glad to be leaving to ST.louis though:) Love getting every ones mail!! thanks for all the support and mom i loved the package you sent me we ate everything within like 30 minutes ha ha everyone was wondering why the potty train joke was on the tag ha ha that's my mama!! I'm doing a short email today i will be on a 1 to check it again so if you reply before then i will get back to you. I finally got my camera up and running so i will be sending some pictures back then my mom will be uploading those to facebook. So this week was crazy hard because i was a host for the new missionaries coming in and their families were all crying and when i see them cry then i want to cry but as everyone knows i don't cry ..... the on top of that we got our dry cleaner day taken away:( so Ive been washing my clothes in the sink and shower all morning ha ha Teaching our investigators in so much fun now that i know what I'm doing I'm no longer just teaching lessons I'm teaching people and its by the spirit I'm loving it!! this place is like a spiritual prison!! Ive never been this in tune with the spirit my whole life i hope i can keep these study habits with me forever!! hope to hear from you soon!!

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