Thursday, June 14, 2012

Elder Christensen: My 1st Week at the MTC

Wow its so crazy to think a week has already gonna by time truly flies in the mtc. I'm loving the food and there is soooo much of it to eat i havent gained any weight yet though so thats good. The spirit here is so strong i love it i envy the elders that are here for 12 weeks they are so lucky but idk if i could handle this food for that long im definitely missing the home cooked meals!!so ill tell you a crazy store that's happened here in my district. Elder dahle that is from west Jordan Utah broke his ankle playing volley ball and went to the hospital today to get it checked out and they found some cancer in his leg! The lord must really be looking out for him because they found it early enough that there wont be any major damage caused. He is very lucky!! Anyways im loving the basketball time there is another elder in my district his name is Elder Sims and he and i have been teaming up and sweeping the courts ha ha! I wish we had more gym time because 50 minutes is nowhere near enough time!! But that's no the main reason you come to the mtc i guess.. ha ha I love my teachers they are so great Brother elton is crazy and he always has s much energy he truly keeps the room alive. I'm getting use to the mtc life and schedule its hard only having 7.5 hours of sleep everyday but its soooo worth it! There are lots of cool things in the mtc like there is this one tree and the sap from the tree smells like creme soda its sooo cool i want that tree at my house hint hint mom and dad..... This MTC also has the most diversity of all the mtc's in the world the kid sitting next to me on the other computer is from Thailand and no body can understand him so he has this microphone that translates everything for him lol. We have people for alll over the world its so cool meeting them and talking about their culture and how different everything is. My testimony has gotten so much stronger the mtc is like a gym for your spritual muscles ha ha I cant wait to go to ST. Louis and meet all the people their! We also pray about 20 times a day which i wasnt use to but its nice to be in the spiritual mode all day! I miss my music for sure! at the mtc you cant even listen to the hymns but i guess you wouldn't have time for that with how busy you are. my address is on Facebook is you want to write:) i miss you all so very much and hope to hear from you soon!!!


Elder Christensen

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