Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 11/11/13 "Blues from a gun :)

Well family, this week was great. I got my new companion. His name is Elder Boren. He is from New Mexico and has been out for about 20 months. He is a super strong Elder! He can teach very well and has a lot of drive still in him. It's great! So we got this new media referral investigator and she is great. Her name is Betsie. She is 25 and is dating a member from Rolla, Missouri and wants to hear more about our church. We taught her the st lesson outside, and it was super cold. I was just in my windbreaker! That was so bad on my part. It dropped like 20 degrees from the time we met and the end. I was bearing my testimony with the shivers ha ha! She could tell I was sincere even through all the shakes. I also gave my talk this Sunday. It was the lowest attendance I've ever seen for this ward! They must have known I was talking ha ha! It went well. It's weird how I'm not so nervous giving talks anymore. I'm sure my homecoming talk will be different tho, just saying... I gave a really good joke. I know '
you're shocked right? Well my talk was on using the scriptures to fight against temptations, and I used Ether 11:14. At the end of that verse it says, "And Moron did that which was wicked before the Lord." So I told everyone my talk is to teach you how to not be a "moron" ha ha! They loved it!!

For service this week, we did some dry wall repairs and some intense mudding and I got to use this cool texture gun that shot mud all over the place. Pretty fun stuff! :) We also met with Shawn Reeves this week and set a Baptismal Date with him. Heck Yes! November 23rd, so pray for him please:) Should have another full week this week. Definitely time for the winter gear to come out. I'm gonna miss the Fall. It's so pretty with all the reds and yellows out here. Tons of leaves to clean up, but its worth it! Love you all hope all is well!

Love Elder Christensen

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