Monday, November 18, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 11/18/13 "Twister 2"

Well family, this week we got lucky with yet again another huge tornado just missing us! :) It hit just 15 miles away but did most of its damage in Washington, IL. I'm not sure if we will be doing any service up there or not yet. It's just out of our Zone, but that town got hammered, so who knows?  Stake conference was good. I was asked by the Stake President to talk about when I had seen the Lord's hand in my life. It totally caught me off guard, but it went very well! The whole conference was very uplifting and directed towards missionary work, so it was great! We had a super great lesson with Greg this week as well. I'm glad he didn't drop us. We were pretty hard on him, but he's been investigating for almost 18 months and hasn't read The Book of Mormon.  His excuse is my favorite!! He says, "if I read it I'll know its all true, so if I don't then I'm ok still living the way I live." He knows it'ss true and he hasn't even read it yet! That's also why is was frustrating, but he will start reading this week. :) We moved Shawn's Baptismal date to December 7th and helped him understand how he can know he is ready. Great lessons all this week.

Elder Donaldson From the district Videos came to our mission this week and gave us tons of training on how to use the lesson pamphlets more effectively. Most missionaries don't ever use them, so they were all super shocked. I've used them like mad my whole mission, but I never used the picture like he taught us, and I learned a lot from that and introducing the Book of Mormon more effectively was great. We applied what we learned all this week. I wish the whole mission was at this meeting but it was hand selected. I just got lucky I guess... My favorite lesson of the week was probably with Betsy. We taught the Plan of Salvation and you could really see her feeling the spirit, and I invited her to be baptized and she said yes. We don't have a date yet, but I'm hoping we can get it before then end of this year, or before I get transferred lol! Hope everyone is safe and well!

Love Elder Christensen  

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