Monday, January 14, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 01/14/13 Revive me bro!

So this week we made up for my cluster headaches I'd had last week and we found 5 new investigators and we got some solid work with our old ones as well!  We picked up 5 new investigators this week. A part member family who the mom is a member but she hasn't been in forever and her kids aren't members. I'm soooo stoked to teach. They have 2 kids, 17 and 15. The 15 year old boy plays hockey and we will be going to his game this Wednesday for support.  We watched together forever and they were super locked in. The spirit was strong and my companion and I both bore our testimony on the importance of family and how the gospel can keep your family together! They are super busy with all the sports they both do and games fall on Sundays so we don't see them at church but I know they will be baptized after the hockey season...yes they're high school aged. The mom is way nice and their excuse for not coming to church is that they're kids are involved in like every extra curricular activity imaginable so that's why they don't come. I'm sure there's more to the concern than just that. But we shall see. Then we picked up some formers that lived in Taylorsville. That's like the furthest part of our area. Its a good 45 minutes away. But we were there all Friday so we could maximize our time there. And we found Brian and his family. He had a baptism date for a while but kinda bailed. His only concern right now is if God really does exist. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and answered some other questions about the characteristics of God and his daughter. I love his daughter. Shes 7 or 8, almost 8 I think. Out of no where she's just like "I know there's a God." And surprised, we looked at her and are like well how did you come to know that and shes just like "I just know."  Good enough answer for me. Why to people have to grow up, they just get stupid and hard-headed. Now I understand why Christ prefers children haha! But yeah, a pretty good week. Oh yeah, and lastly, this is pretty funny. On Friday we went over to Deans house, he is a recent convert who runs a half-way home and for a few months there have been some less active members that are just sacking out at this place and not paying anything to Dean or helping him out. But he's a nice guy and wants to help them until they can find a job. The only problem is they dont look for jobs. Anywayyysss . Dave, who just got made the teacher for the CTR 8 class, got sent to jail for possessing some illegal pain killers. So yeah, he's in jail. The first thing I thought when I heard this was "Oh no who is going to teach the children this Sunday?" Ha!Ha! So we helped Dean move all of Daves stuff out and put it in storage. While we were taking his stuff out, we went into Dave's and Nicoles (other pile member who doesn't do anything) bathroom to get some of his stuff and behold! We look down and see probably a good months worth of poop in this toilet. They haven't had plumbing in this house for a while since it broke and Dave refused to fix it. So yeah. Poops singular are nasty. Imagine a collective of em. It was very traumatic! Throw up your lunch? I did lol So yeah we quickly got everything and left, and if I think its bad then it must be really bad lol!!

We run in the morning as much as we can. When it won't freeze my lungs lol. Which two days ago it was a nice 69 degrees :) It was nice. But we got hit pretty hard with freezing rain. For church yesterday we went to leave and we came outside and our car was plated with ice. At least a good half inch. We didn't have time to scrape thoroughly, otherwise we would have been late and as missionaries you can't be late or else you get labeled and no one will like you. So we scraped two 4 inch in diameter circles in the windshield and blasted the defroster and took off. I was no joke like Homer off the Simpsons when he gets a bucket glued to his head and he has to drive. It looked just like that. But we took it easy through the backstreets and by the time we got to the main busy roads we were able to scrape it all off. It was pretty crazy though. All of the trees were glazed over and grass fields looked like plains of spikes. It was pretty cool. I wish I had got a picture but I didn't. Anyway, this past week started out alright. We had zone p-day which is my least favorite thing to do. We went to the Capitol building, which I was alright doing. Cause now I've been to both Capitol buildings in Missouri and Illinois.  But I had a final headache and . . .I dont really like the zone leaders. At all lol. . Like for an example, we cannot, according to them, drive the sisters around. And giving them rides while they're in the city would be really helpful since they have to use so many miles to get here. It takes em about 45 minutes to get to Springfield. they are the only members in our district. Its just Elder Furlong and, me, and 2 sisters. And we're alone together in district meeting every single week. But we can't drive them because we would be alone with them in our vehicle. Last week we were trying to coordinate how to get them to the Capitol building and we wanted to take them but we couldn't. But the zone leaders drove them. And they could do it because "they're zone leaders." Ya its stupid, but what can you do. So yeah I flat out don't really like them haha. So Monday was hard for me. We had an all day zone p-day because we had a meeting afterward with the entire zone to talk about our new mission goal which is 450. Thats pretty cool. I'm excited. It's gonna be hard because 2 years ago the goal was 400 and we only got like 320. Fail. But with so many new missionaries coming in soon I figure they think we can make it. So we will see. So yes, that was Monday. I can't remember when all of these events took place so this next paragraph I'm just going to combine the entire rest of the week into one day. Well, Amandas baptism is still good to go for this Saturday at 4.  Hope your week was great as well hope to hear from you all soon !!!
Love Elder Christensen

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