Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 01/22/13 Dunk N Dash

So the baptism was amazing everything went perfect and the spirit was so strong !! I had to learn the prayer differently than what I was originally doing wasn't the full prayer. So I had to learn almost double in 30 minutes lol but i did it!! (He had to learn the prayer in sign language for this baptism) Everyone said this was the most spiritual baptism they have ever been to.  Amanda's mom was also there to support her. I saw this spirit had really effected her as well and after the baptism I talked with her and gave her a Book of Mormon.  We also had our other investigator Crystal there and she said that was so cool and she whats to learn more about why we get baptized and brother Mendenhall is fellowshipping her like there is no tomorrow. She is babysitting his kids and going out to eat with them. It won't be long til she gets baptized either !! that would be really cool if I could come back to see her baptism !! then I confirmed Amanda the next day and she had a testimony of the Holy Ghost already. She lost her keys after the baptism and we looked all over for them and they were no where to be found. Then I told her to pray and ask where they would be .  She did then told Juli the member to take her to the college where she waited for the bus and at the bus stop barely sticking out of the mud was her keys and her testimony grew so much from that. It was very cool to see!  This Sunday I got to say goodbye to everyone in the ward. It was hard but not too bad. Everyone said the new elder has some big shoes to fill and they are so happy that I got to serve in this ward!! I could come back as a ZL (Zone Leader) maybe ha ha who knows??  Dean West a convert from last year couldn't thank me enough for all the help I've done on his half-way house. That will one day be a huge missionary tool !! He also said that he has never heard of a missionary getting 2 baptisms in that short of time in this ward. Ha! Ha!  Well I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!!:)

Love Elder Christensen

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