Saturday, January 19, 2013

Transfer: Area #4

I found out today that Jeff is getting transfered this next Wednesday to Florissant, MO. This is a suburb outside North St. Louis. It is not super safe there I am told, so make sure you are praying for his safety! He has had such good success in his current area, I know he will be sad to go, but I am sure he will do great in the new area as well. He was super bummed on his last transfer too, but once he started Springfield, he now says that this has been his best area so far.

I also got to see a bunch of pictures and videos of Jeff that the ward missionary posted on Facebook. There were pictures of the baptism that Jeff did today with Amanda and some videos of Jeff making crepes. It was fun to see the pictures and videos and know that he is doing so good.

One thing that has happened recently is that Jeff has been having cluster headaches. These are extremely painful and one of his eyes swells, droops and waters a lot when he gets these. You are supposed to get a CT scan if this happens so that they can rule out other causes (like brain tumors) but so far Jeff is refusing to get this done. I think he is worried about getting put in the mission home office or something like that if the Mission President knows about it. I am still working on nagging him to get this done, so hopefully he will. If not, we may have to call his mission president to get it done.

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