Monday, January 28, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 01/28/13 Florissant, MO

So I'm in my new area Florissant Missouri. Pretty exciting area. Very different from all my other areas. We don't have a car. We get to ride the public buses and the metro link. We aren't too far from downtown St Louis:)  This is the biggest area in the mission and we are starting from scratch. This area was shut down for a couple transfers for reasons I won't say to save my mommy some worry LOL!!:) Love you mom! My comp is great he is from San Diego, California. We get along great and we both are in pretty good shape so that's good in case anyone tries to mess with us!!  This area is too fun! No joke, we are the only white people who get on the buses and we get tons of free Jerry Springer entertainment every day on the bus! Ha! Ha! They crazy!! Funniest bus story I got is the bus was super packed and this huge black lady was standing next to this old black man and he leans over and lets out a fart.  Then it starts to smell and he opens his mouth and points to the big woman to blame it on her and she yells at him "uuh uuhh You betta don't I saw you lean!!" So we are always saying "you betta don't" now lol too funny!! Then one day our bus had a flat tire and it was like 9 degrees outside. Super cold! So we all sat on the bus and had to wait 30 minutes for the new one and this other big black lady has her 4 kids with her and they are running all over the place and she was like "awwwww hellll sit yo @*$ down all ya all I've been doin dis all day. Dey just don't stop!" then because the bus was leaning (due to the flat tire) her 6 year old boy started sing Lean wit it, rock wit it. Lol everyone on the bus was entertained by her and her family!!

On the more spiritual side we met with some potentials in Bellefountain and met Mary. We set a date with Mary. We met with her for the 1st time this Sunday and the spirit was super strong :) She is having a rough time with her job and being away from family so she was very humble and receptive! We also met a couple that's wanting to improve their lives together. They aren't married yet but once we can get them married they will be baptized !! I'm very excited to get the work rolling in this area once again!:)

So on Saturday this 18 year old black kid was making his own rap and every other word was the F- word and was bagging on us for being in suit and tie. I wish I could've taken my name tag off for 5 minutes and dropped that kid!! He had his 2 kids with him too and his 17 year old wife. So messed up! Then he was like I don't give a F*&# anyone got a problem with me stand up! I wanted to so bad !!!! That's been my hardest challenge in this area is putting up with people like him!! There is a lot of good black people in this area and in our ward too. There is alot of crime though so its very hard!!  MY patience in very important in this area !!  For the most part thoough people respect us and love us. Some gangs out her protect us which is nice!! Like when we go to bellefountain on Canaan st they have our backs lol were in the C-Hood ! Good Thing Christ will protect us as well !:)  I'm looking forward to having many more fun mission stories like these ones :)
Love you All and hope to hear from you soon my new address is:
23 Quick Dr. Apartment 3
Florissant, MO 63031

Love Elder Christensen

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