Monday, February 4, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 02/04/13 Week 2

So this week we met with Mary, our newest investigator, and I'm very impressed with her efforts in her studies!! We had asked her to read 2Nephi32 and she read 206 pages! Crazy she was in Alma 44 in 4 days and she said once I finish the book of Mormon I'll start over and re-read it all again! I really like this book!!  We just need to get her to church. She was sick this weekend as was I lol Stupid - 8 degree weather and running doesn't sit well in your lungs...  Then we had a super solid appointment with the couple who is waiting to get married. They really enjoyed the lesson I taught this Sunday on eternal marriage. That was kinda weird teaching people about marriage when I haven't been married lol... The spirit was super strong there and I just knew what to say and where to take them in the BOM and D&C... Hope my talk I have this Sunday goes well as well! It's on the plan of salvation and thats by far my favorite lesson to teach!! :)
We didn't find any new investigators this week :/ It's really hard to find time to go tracting in this area. The bus us takes up so much of our time and people all have headphones in and don't want to talk to you on the bus ...  We have been playing Frisbee golf on p-day's. We will be doing that still even with the snow its too much fun. We get the whole district to play and whoever has the worst score buys everyone drinks. Ha! Ha! I haven't lost yet and I don't plan on losing today:)  My comp gets so mad every time we play because I have been 1st place every time and he hates losing at anything. So I love to rub that in his face HaHa !!!! Church ball is AMAZING here my comp and I are the only white people who play from the ward for good reason. They're pretty dang good !! 2 of them can dunk pretty good. They make rebounds fun! lol and their dreads smack you in the face when they roll to the basket. Maybe I'll grow some when I get home...?  I'll have to get a picture of us playing with them this week its too fun! And I had my ipod on me to see how far you run in playing basketball for 2 hours and it was 6 miles so NBA must be 12 miles a game! That's why they are so toned!! There is some good teaching opportunity there with a couple of them. We will have to get on that this week :) Love you all!

Love Elder Christensen

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