Monday, February 18, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 02/18/13 Good Times

So this week was a hardcore finding week for us. I finally was sick of not Tracting (he has had a difficult time with his companion who has not wanted to do anything) so we had exchanges and Elder Terrazas and I tore it up !! Found 6 new this week. I would say 2 of them are pretty solid. One guy, his name is Ron, he is an older man. His house looked like a cabin from Montana, so I was like we have to hit this one. We did and we talked about the restoration. He is Catholic and wouldn't mind hearing more this Thursday.  I told him I was from Utah, but had also lived in Missoula MT for some time and he said ahhh yes I love Montana wish I could just drop my house there. Its beautiful country and I lived up by Helena for 4 years.  So we hit it off and it was awesome. Can't wait to teach him more and get him to church :)
Martin and Alisha really enjoyed my talk last week and brought it up in our lesson this week how it had gave them hope for one day making it to the Celestial Kingdom and they can't wait to be married in our church and get baptized. :) This won't be in my time. They will be baptized after July 18th but its cool to know my testimony and talk is keeping them focused :)  Mary this week just finished the Book of Mormon and is starting over again to get a better understanding of everything, and we also taught her about tithing and how when you become a member you can pay 10% and receive these blessings. I had shared my testimony on this and she was really feeling it. I could tell. Then the next day we came to pick her up for church and she was just crying saying I can't make it today the medication they have me on is making me super drowsy and sick. But she gave us an envelope with some change in it and said you give my tithing to the bishop I need these blessings right now !  I was in so much shock! I almost couldn't speak that she is so willing to pay tithing and she isn't even a member yet and she just knows that she will get those blessings regardless of her membership!!!
Then after church we came by with the bishop to see how she is doing and had a great lesson on the atonement and how she will be a great member to our church.  She then says I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to Church this week. I really wanted to go but Satan is just doing everything he can to get me down, so I wont do what I know is right! We talked more about Joseph Smith and how Satan tried to stop his prayer and the coming of the BOM and she said I'm not going to let him win! I'm coming no matter what from now on!! Then we met 2 new investigators with bishop in the same apartments. He had gotten a call for a blessing from someone he had never even met before. She had gotten his number from a friend whom he helped out years ago and she said my daughters broke her arm and she wants to learn more about your church. Could she get a blessing ? The Bishop was all over that and we will be meeting with her and her 12 year old daughter this week. :0 Then we went to the Radishels for our Sunday Dinner / Family Night. That family alone has made this area for me. There is some much humor there and it is so fun. The kids look up to us and love having us over!! I love You all !!!!

Love Elder Christensen

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