Monday, February 11, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 02/11/13 Bathroom contacting works!

This week we did get 2 new investigators. I was peeing at the St. Louis Bread Company and this guy Markus who was on the same bus that took us there started to talk to me, and while peeing I taught the restoration in 60 seconds! lol He said he would like to hear more on Thursday. After washing my hand, I wrote his info down and gave him a card. Ha! Ha! They don't teach you that in the MTC! I call it "Urinal Contacting" Ha! Ha!:)
We also had Mary come to church this week!! She loved it and enjoyed my talk. A lot of people did. It was by far the best talk I've ever given :) This one lady showed me all her notes and it blew my mind. She had almost my whole talk down. I can't ever write that fast, but she really enjoyed it!! Then this morning the Bishop called me and said that was the best talk he's ever heard from the missionaries. It's good I don't stay in areas long or they would ask me to give another one lol!  Mary really enjoyed it because we had just taught her the plan of salvation and she said it all made sense, but then my talk made everything more personal. So that was good for me to hear cuz I was super nervous for this talk. It doesn't matter what position in the church you are, you still get jitters. Ha! Ha! 
This week we also got to do some service. Finally! I love service!!!!! We got to tear down a condemned house. So much fun! This ward has a lot of resource !!  Well for P-day today its Zone P-day so we will be playing soccer or dodge ball... dodge ball would be good to relieve some of my stress. Just have to try no to kill anyone this time... I love You all and hope to hear from you soon!

Love Elder Christensen

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