Monday, December 9, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 12/9/13 "Ice and more Ice"

This week we had a killer ice storm. I got to see 7 cars fly off the road, as I was driving to a farewell party for a sister in the ward (Brooke Bellmonte). She reports to the MTC this Wednesday. It was pretty cool to see another missionary talk and see the family here for that. Seems like mine was just yesterday, and at the same time, it seems so far away! She gave a very good talk and testimony. It was a shame none of our investigators where there to hear it... However we did go to the 2nd Ward with Betsy and Paul. We found them last week and they're both awesome. Paul read the intro and has finished 2nd Nephi. He is a very logical person tho, and doesn't believe the trip was possible. However early that same day I was reading my Book of Mormon student manual and helped show him how that trip was possible! I pulled the manual up on his computer and he went to town after we left. He loved having all those facts and now he is continuing his reading of the Book of Mormon. Betsy loves meeting with us. She really enjoyed our church and the people she has met. She will be getting baptised in January for sure! We got to teach Ashley this week. She has set her baptismal date for the 28th of December, so that's Awesome! Hope I'll be here for all that good stuff! I've put a lot of work into this area and this zone and haven't got to see to much of it play out yet...

We Also had our Zone P-day last week and had a mini Pool Tournament. I'm pleased to say that Springfield 1 was the Champion.:) We also had a bonfire, toasted hot dogsm and marshmallows. We had a good time. Elder Jensen, who goes home next week, said "Elder Christensen that was the best zone P-day I've ever had." And he meant it. He said I love that we had tons of fun things to do and we could just go do whatever we wanted when we wanted to. So I'm glad that made his day. Ultimate Frisbee was pretty fun too. Glad we had a lot of sun that day. It was perfect. The Messervy's are Awesome! I'm so glad they let us do that! Well, I had exchanges with Elder Presher this week. That was pretty fun, however, there was many unplanned events that took place that day. We almost made it in time to give a man a blessing and he passed away. :/ And I saw a new side to some of our investigators that day. It's a long story! You just have to ask me during Christmas Skype lol its a funny one tho !!!!!! I love you all hope your getting 3 feet of snow and drive safe !

Love Elder Christensen

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