Monday, April 14, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 4/14/14 "Double Dunk"

We had some miracles happen this week! On Monday night we received  permission from Salt Lake that Brad Jacobs could be baptized and we have been teaching his best friend Deve with him. Deve said he ready to be baptized, but that he would like to wait so he and Brad could be dunked on the same day. That day was Saturday! Ha! Ha! It was so cool to see my companion baptize someone for a change, and I also got to baptize Deve. He had the hardest black name I've ever heard on my mission... I swear its like 6 names in one! lol Here it is Deveoueff Deamonearl Scoffield! Try and say that one. :) The baptisms went perfectly. This was the 1st font in my mission where it has a heater in the font. It was 89 degrees! Ha! Ha! Warmest baptism I've ever had !!! Brad's mom is hardcore Less Active, but she came to support her son and she felt the Spirit. I know she did. She also came to the confirmation where I got to confirm Brad and give him the Holy Ghost. I remember nothing of what I said, but his mom grabbed me after and said that some of the things I said where promised to her when she was confirmed, and she had tears in her eyes when she told me. I hope Brad can keep her coming to church so she can have more peace in her life and can feel the love of the Savior more abundantly in her life. All week we've been setting up interviews and getting everything set up for this baptism. I forgot how much work it is to set these  up by yourself! Ha! Ha! I'm so glad Brother Ethington was able to help out and keep me sane. :) Only bad part of this is week is that we baptized our whole teaching pool. Ha! Ha! Now what to do for the rest of my mission ...? Find and reactivate people I guess. I hope the Lord puts someone in my path ! Hope everyone had a good week. Hope to hear from you all soon !!

Love Elder Christensen 

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