Monday, April 7, 2014

Elder Christensen: Letter 4/7/14 "GC in JC"

General Conference was awesome as usual. I wish we could've got some of our investigators to come with us! I was also was very pleased with have no talks on marriage! Ha! Ha! I'm sure in the Fall that will be in every talk now... My favorite talk was in the priesthood session when Elder Uchtdorf shared the story of him and president Monson being on the air force one plane. Then he went to the pilot's seat and daydreamed some and his hand went up to the throttle and president Monson came in and said, "don't even think about it!" Ha! Ha! I could see that happening so clearly:) I loved all the talks though. They were really good and uplifting. Just what I want to finish my mission out. More good talks to listen to and learn from.

This week we didn't get to meet with many of the people we're teaching but I did my last ZL exchange and that was killer! It reminded me so much of why I wanted to get out of that! lol We planned for 6 hours for all the zones stuff and Elder Evans made calls for like 2 hours while I sat on the floor planning my R.M.P. (returned missionary plans) lol 

Anywho we also played basketball on Saturday for our early morning workout and brother Jacobs was there with his son so we did 3 on 3 and he dove for a loose ball and broke his wrist. So that wasnt cool but it made for a good story at priesthood session ... So now the ward thinks missionaries beat people up in basketball. Ha! Ha! 

Well I hope everyone enjoyed hearing the words of the prophet. It's such a blessing to have that guidance in this crazy world. It brings much peace to know that the Lord still speaks to his people through Prophets and Apostles. Love you all!

Love Elder Christensen  

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