Monday, September 9, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 9/9/13 Casting Demons

Well family, I had another great week. I'm loving this area! We got a baptism. William Day, he was baptised this Saturday by Elder England in Urbana. Then we contacted a former investigator,  Chris Tepedino, and he was like, "I want to be baptised." So we got that in the works now! We decided to give it to the Zl's (zone leaders) because he wants to go to the singles ward, and they cover that, but at least we got to spark that fire in him. He should be baptised sometime in October.:)  This area has tons of Less Active work and we do a lot of that. I'm starting the 5x5x5 program here so that will help big time!
My companion and I are 2 peas in a pod. I love it! We get along great, we are unified in our teaching and we have tons of fun. I'm learning a lot of Spanish from him as well so in lessons I have a general idea of what they are saying now. It's pretty cool! This week was a way hot week and biking wasn't the funnest, so we would do like jumps and tricks to make it less miserable and i went all out! Ha! Ha! I almost took out a mailbox after catching some air off an old cement ramp! Ha! Ha! It was funny. The best trick was I was able to balance the bike on a rail road track for like 25 feet! Sorry grandpa Redman, I know that doesn't make you happy that I wasn't following the railroad safety you've taught for years... I couldn't resist tho and got some good pics. I'll try to get them on the blog.
We are working with a part member family right now. She is our closest to baptism, and that's still a ways to go ha ha! We are doing all we can tho!  As a district we are doing amazing tho. I love this district! The sisters are super crazy and funny which makes p-day interesting and they remind me of my crazy funny friends and all our adventures.:) I miss them so much! Nine months isn't too much longer tho, so keep strong my friends I'll do the best I can! 
One crazy story is this week on exchanges, Elder Teixeira and I were tracting and this old black man comes stumbling out of his house and yells "Elders come here!" So we did and he was wasted of his rocker and then a younger black woman came out and said, "come cast the Demons out of this house!" And I was, "what the heck are these people on?" She was like, "look at me the demons made me this way!!" So we went in and said a prayer and cast the demons out...  but the saddest part was seeing 3 little kids in the living room huddled in the corner seeing their mom and grandpa get drunk til they drop. I wanted to take a kid with me so bad! Some peoples kids.... you could feel the presence of evil in that home, but after the prayer I felt some peace. Then when we left, one little black kid like 4 years old came and hugged my leg and said, "thank you Jesus." I wanted to laugh,  but then after I thought about it, the kid probably really thought I was Jesus.... so gave him a Book of Mormon and then we had to run to the baptism. Crazy, funny, and sad experience for ya! The Urbana Elders will be teaching them this week. Love you all!

Love Elder Christensen

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