Monday, September 30, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 09/30/13 Loving the land of Lincoln :)

Well family, this week has been crazy. Being back in Springfield really has been a blast to the past. I went to my old apartment to meet the new Elders, and to get a map from them because my comp and I both don't have a GPS. Ha! Ha! But that's ok I've gone this far on my mission without one. A little longer won't kill me! The Meserveys drove us up in a 2013 XJL Jaguar. That was such a nice ride! I loved every minute of it.  They took us to Panera (its like Kneaders) and that really hit the spot. :)  They also got me a new suit today! When they picked me up at transfer meeting, they noticed all the other missionaries making fun of my baggy clothes. Ha! Ha! So they were like "oh we will take care of that!!" and they did. lol Very nice people. I love the Meserveys! :)

We had a meeting in St. Louis on Wednesday and its the longest meeting ever! We simply talked about our zones and how they're doing and any struggling Elders or Sisters and talk about how we can help them. It takes 6 hours to do all this and we get trainings from the AP's (Assisstants to the President) and some other ZL's (Zone Leaders). It's the longest day of your life! lol.

I love my new companion. Elder Sutherland has been out 23 months, so I will be his last companion, so we will be going out with a bang hopefully! ha!ha! This area hasn't had a lot going on since I was here a year ago. They have had a few baptisms but not what they deserve. The Ward is great. I also got to see a few from the 2nd ward but not Amanda or Grandma Hurley yet. Hope we will meet up again. 

We had tons of teaching appointments this week and most of them were home so it was a great week. :) Got 2 new investigators as well. I'm very glad we are working hard in this area, cuz ZL's in the past haven't, so its good for this area! Your mission would be so boring if all you did was the meetings and exchanges and checked up on people all time, so I'm very happy we do missionary work haha!! My favorite lesson of the week was when we found Josh. He is 16 years old and loves techno and computers and his mom is a less active member and we talked with him and he was super open with us it was great! We taught the restoration and he told us about his struggles with losing his sister about a year ago, and it felt so good to look him in the eyes and promise him that he will see her again.  I could see the joy in his eyes after hearing this and I'm so thankful we have the knowledge we do of the plan of salvation. I can't imagine how hard this life would be without it! I love you all and hope your doing well!

Love Elder Christensen

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