Monday, September 16, 2013

Elder Christensen: Letter 9/16/13 Holy Jamba


Well family, this week we went bus contacting because an Elder left some bus tokens in the area. So we got on the red 2, and I gave out 3 Bom's, 4 restoration pamphlets, and taught 7 other lessons and 10 cards. I miss the buses! That is definitely my best contacting approach! I wish we could do that more often. We would be teaching like 20 people instead of 2 and 8 Less Actives! lol So Chris the former investigator that we handed off to the Zl's will be getting baptized this week so that's great! I'm glad we called him and gave him a baptism tour and helped get him on track! I will be doing the baptism interview this Wednesday, so it will be official after then. :)

We also had Mission Conference this week and got to hear from Elder Godoy. He was so cool! He is a seventy from Brazil and taught us a lot about missionaries, and different types, and how to improve no matter where you're at. I really liked it.  I learned that I'm a very good missionary when it comes to technique and inviting, but I'm not as good in the attributes area. At the beginning of my mission till about 8 months, I would've said the opposite! Ha! Ha! I just need to find my balance. :)

I was on exchanges this week with Elder Anderson, and we where contacting on campus and we talked to this one girl for almost 30 minutes and she was like thank you so much, and I asked her where she was going she was like, "Jamba Juice." I was like, "shut up, no way!" I've looked my whole mission for a Jamba Juice, and haven't found one. So we went with her and sure enough there it was in the union building. I almost cried at this beautiful sight! I got a power white gummy and was very pleased!! That was the best way to end the day! I needed that tender mercy for sure. It's been a harder week. We found no new investigators and most of our appointments fell through, which really sucks when you have to bike 5 miles to knock a door .... But it puts hair on your chest! Ha! Ha! I don't mind biking everywhere though. I'm in my own world whenever we bike, but I don't feel too effective as a missionary when I'm in that mode.  I love you all hope your ready for fall then winter. I'm stoked! I hope I'm not biking in the snow, but if I do it will be legendary! I'll probably fly off a snowbank/ jump in to a car! Ha! Ha !

Love Elder Christensen  

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